First Time Cursing


Well, it happened.  Your first curse word!  Your first INTENTIONAL curse word.  Not a mispronunciation of “truck”.  Your pal Kaden mispronouncing “dump trucks” and shouting “Look at all the dumb fucks outside” at the library will forever be awesome.  For a while now you’ve been saying “dang it” or sometimes “darn it” but i’m talking the TV-censored stuff.  What would your first curse word be? And in what context? Wait no more – because last Saturday we had a winner.  PS, yes, it is a little weird that I am this excited about this.  Let’s move on now and get back to the story.

We were about to get out of the car and you had a handful of trolls in your lap.  You couldn’t find Poppy and daddy saw it on the floor and handed it to you.  You were so excited and exclaimed, “oh shit, there it is!”  Daddy and I exchanged a look that said, “you heard that right? We shouldn’t say anything right??  If we do, he’ll only say it more right???”  It was the one and only.  There was not a repeat.  There wasn’t even a glance up from your end to check for a reaction.  And why would you – your context was spot on and there really was no other way to sum up the excitement of finding the Poppy troll.

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