Dear Big Boy,

enhanceYou did it! 5 days staying dry at night! So proud of you.  Night time potty training is hard because you can’t really “train” a physiological process.  Your body is either ready or it’s not.  We were out of pull-ups and you begged us to let you try wearing underwear to bed.  You weren’t ready.  It was a LOT of laundry.  You agreed to practice with pull-ups for a while longer.  If you could keep them dry for 5 days, you got a new superhero.  Well buddy, you’re rolling into preschool today with your flashy new Cyborg.  You put your leather jacket on and proudly marched into school showing off your toy to your friends and proudly announcing to your teachers how you stayed dry.  Also informed them that you’re a big boy and ready to turn 5 and start Kindergarten.  I’m so proud of my big boy.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say there was more sadness behind my tears than happiness.  I’m really missing my little boy this morning.

Love, Mommy

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