Thankful Convos

Dear Dyl,

Last week was Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving day, I woke you up and said, “Guess what! img_6502Today is Thanksgiving!” You said, to my surprise, “Yay! Today is the day we are thankful.” *wow*.  I said, “YES! What are you thankful for?”  What came next has knocked me off my feet for a week now.  Without missing a beat you said, not taking even a second to think about it, “I’m thankful for you mommy, for all the love you give me.”  Stunned.  Floored. You never cease to amaze me.  I’m thankful for being your mommy and for all the love you give me back.  When Mia woke up, I asked her the same question to which she quickly replied “I’m thankful for Elsa.”  I’ll be shopping for 1 pony.

Later that morning, your friend Evie came over and we made “thankful hats” where we write down the things we’re thankful for.  In addition to mommy’s love, you also added all your family, swimming with Evie, swinging and my favorite – Gotham City & Metropolis.  Who’s not thankful for that?

You also felt very strongly about the turkey we would eat that night.  You were adamant that it NOT be a turkey that was a pet, one that ran outside on a farm or was in a cage.  You said it had to be a turkey that was a “food turkey.”


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