My Diva

Dear Mia Brielle Abram,

Uh oh, mommy is using your full name – that can’t be good.

You are such a spirited child.  I love that about you.  But when you have a tantrum, that spirit is right there, lock and step with you.  Here’s how the morning played out:

Mia – I want cereal soup mommy!

*cereal soup is basically just a mixture of a bunch of different cereals and I throw in some dehydrated fruit as well*

Me – Here you go Mia.

Mia – No mommy, I want red cheerios in my soup.

Me – There are some red cheerios in there, see *points to a red cheerio*

Mia – THAT’S PINK!! *THROWS CEREAL ACROSS THE ROOM AND PROCEEDS TO MELTDOWN*50248073933__308d18e2-419d-413b-a2be-7fecdee9b5cd

Diva.  Pure diva.  After I picked up all the cereal soup (brownie helped) and you stopped screaming, I proceeded to wipe up all the vomit on the floor from your exorcism.  You sat on the couch VERY reluctantly eating your redless cereal soup.  You can even see a red cheerio in this picture.  Diva.  Once it seemed like the devil had left your body for the morning for sure, we all proceeded to go to the Simi Valley Touch a Truck event.  You were the perfect, charming, entertaining princess.  I’ve seen the other side though.  I know that sweet smile of yours can rotate 360% around your body while you climb the walls and ceiling.  So Mariah Carey, mommy lesson learned, i’ll make sure your dressing room, er, breakfast plate, always has solid red cheerios and not some “clearly” pink shit.  Clearly.

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