School Picture Feelings

Dear Baby,

I don’t know how to describe what I felt when I opened up your first school picture packet.  You have SO much personality and this picture captured it so perfectly.  You are 2.  Newly 2. 14670855_10106104420189826_6596096241904946854_n Only a month into it.  You say “I love you” with such genuineness and so spontaneously.  Never provoked but always RIGHT when I need to hear it.  You kiss me like you are a tiny Italian grandma – cupping my face in your hands and kissing both my cheeks.  You talk in a deep voice when you want to be silly, similar to any horror movie.  I don’t know where you learned it but I would love to shake their hand.  You are also terrifying.  Man, when you have a tantrum – you OWN that tantrum.  I’m hiding the crystal until we’re out of this phase.  You have a temper.  When you are mad, you hit, you press your lips together and you call us by our first names.  It’s usually, “NO Michael!” or “I don’t want to Karen!”  First names – only when you’re mad and always when you’re mad.  Again, i’d like to know where you learned it but instead, i’d like to punch them in the face.  I love all of you, my sweet girl.  You are the complete package.  And I have a feeling that this picture is how I will always see you.

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