The Perfect Day

Dear Dylan,

Mommy and Daddy both had today off for Labor Day.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day so we decided to go to the farm.  You rode the pony (special request for “marshmallow”), brushed and pet the animals (the pigs gave us all kisses which sent us all squealing) and then we picked raspberries.  You filled your basket while Mia followed behind and started to nap on daddy’s shoulder.  Perfect farm day.  We bought some strawberries and a few veggies and headed home.  While Mia napped, you and I took the raspberries and strawberries and made fruit roll-ups.  We did counting-art-crafts and chiseled away at some dinosaur eggs you got for your birthday.  We watched a little bit of “Toy Story” and snacked on popcorn while waiting for Mia to get up from nap.  When she got up, we went to the party store to get some stuff for Mia’s party and then all went to dinner.  You told us that you want to decorate Mia’s cake for her and buy presents that only she likes and are just for her – like baby dolls and frozen toys.  Seriously, this day just kept getting better.  I know what you’re thinking, now is when I add when it all went to hell.  Nope.  It was lovely.  Full of kisses, hugs, smiles, laughs, some cries and some reasoning.  Perfect.  At the end of the night, we talked about all the parts of the day we loved.  I said, “you know what I loved most? Spending time with you!”  Without missing a beat you beamed and asked, “not mia?”

My boy.  I love you.


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