Convos with Dylan

Dear Dyl,

On our way to the park after school, you found a fun size bag of reeses m&m’s in the car and asked if you could have some.  I said you could have a few.  You examined the package and asked, “Is there peanut butter inside these?” I said, “Yes, and chocolate too!”  To which you replied, “Oooh, that sounds tasty and delightful!”

Later that night, we were winding down for bed with a little “Toy Story” action.  Daddy is not home tonight to help with bedtime so Woody and Buzz are helping mommy while I take turns reading you and your sister stories in each of your respective rooms, having some cuddle time and then putting each of you down.  You wanted to eat some popcorn and just as I was taking Mia up for her turn to go night-night, she knocked over your bowl of popcorn by accident.  Without missing a beat you said, “Aw man, what a colossal mess.”


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