Bedtime Routine

Dear Mimis,

About a week after we moved into the new house, bedtime started to be rough.  Not sure if it was the house, school transition or just you going through some stage of development where bedtime is equivocal to having acid poured on you.  Or some combo, who knows.  You’ve always been a fan of sleeping.  Sleeping and eating.  Little to no problems in those departments.  So when you resisted going into your crib, would cry out “mommy”, then be inconsolable on the rocking chair or in my arms – I broke the rules.  I know I shouldn’t have.  I know every parenting book author and blogger would raise an eyebrow, but whatever.  Here goes – let me preface by saying I don’t know why I did this but – I climbed into your crib with you.

The first time (yes, first, I’ve done this now about every night since), you looked at me quite surprised.  Then you laid down, head facing me and calmly started to settle down all the while staring at me.  I rubbed your back and just laid there next to you.  After a while, I said, “mommy is going to go now and Mia is going to go night night okay?” You said okay and I climbed out of your crib.

The next night, after I put you into bed you said, “mommy in.”  I got in.  You laid down and settled down again.  I’m not going to lie, I really liked it.  The next week, you started covering me with your blanket and said “night night mommy” and then rubbed MY back instead of me rubbing yours.  Then you would stop and say “mia” and I would start rubbing your back.

Tonight, same thing.  Only now you gave me a baby to sleep with.  I know because you lifted my arm and put the baby doll in my arm.  Then you took the doll out, checked it’s tushy, said “ok, no poopoos”, kissed the doll and put it back under my arm and said “night night mommy, night night baby.”

It started out as something I did out of desperation to give you some, any comfort.  Not the most conventional route, but i’m so glad I did it.  Time stands still for those few moments where we just lie there in your crib looking at one another.  I look forward to hearing you say, “mommy in” each night.

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