Mia the Fantastic


Dear Princess,

Lately, I catch myself just staring at you.  You’re maturing SO fast and i’m afraid that if I blink i’m downloadgoing to miss it.  A few weeks ago, we made the decision to put you into preschool.  It was a really difficult decision as I love seeing you throughout the day during my breaks when I work from home.  You have been ready for that level of interaction and stimulation and we were starting to feel like we were holding you back.  So when I spot opened up, we decided it was the right thing to do.  And as far as missing my break-time-cuddle-time, our family time is able to start a lot earlier in the evening now which gives me more cuddle-time with you.  It’s been a win-win all around.

The transition to school has been very smooth and you are blossoming.  You’re singing, talking more, listening much more attentively and have an “I can do it” attitude that is larger than life.  I do have one complaint – it’s happening fast.  REALLY fast.  Tomorrow you will be 20 months.  Here are some notes of this age-stadownload (1)ge I don’t want to forget:

  • Favorite Show/Movie – Sofia the First & Home (you LOVE the music)
  • Songs you sing – Let it Go, Row Your Boot, Twinkle Twinkle
  • Parts of Body – You can point to all the parts of your body
  • Favorite Toys – Your baby dolls & whatever Dylan is playing with
  • Favorite Books – Are You Ticklish, Princess Baby, Elmo’s Dreidel

I love that you still want to cuddle.  I love that you let me rock you on your chair every night before bed.  I love that you run to hug me if I saw “ow.”  I love that you kiss me with your eyes closed.

You astound me with your understanding for how to share, wait your turn, ask nicely, say sorry and show compassion.  You are one amazing little girl and I am so lucky to be your mommy.

On the one hand, I want everything to slow down.  On the other, each day with you is better than the last so i’m eager to see what tomorrow brings.  Ugh, i’m conflicted.

Love, Mommy



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