Dear lovey,

Today when I came home, you stood at the window and watched me finish a phone call in my car.  I saw your little face light up and your little muscles tested the strength of our window frame.  Thing is, once I step in that door there is no multi-tasking.  Only mia-tasking.  And you don’t allow ANY other way (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).  No phone calls, no laptop, I can’t even put on deodorant (SO hard to do while holding you – try it – nearly impossible).  Once i’m home, we’re inseparable.  You’re my little koala bear hanging onto me.  If we’re sitting on the floor playing, you’re sitting in my lap.

Sometimes you’ll see mommy sit in the car for an extra moment before coming into the house.  Just know it’s because I love mia-tasking and want to make sure I don’t have to multi-mia-task.  I’m just as excited to see you as you are to see me.  If I don’t fly through the door it’s not because I don’t want to – just the opposite – it’s because I don’t want to be pulled away once I have you in my arms.

Love, mommy

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