1st Day of 3-Year-Old Preschool

Dear Babram,

Today was your first day of 3-year-old preschool.  You (and I) handled it much better than your first day last year.  You seem very comfortable with your teacher and the routine.  When I picked you up from school, i’ll be honest, I was expecting a very tired, cranky boy.  But no, my well-rested (you took a 2 hour nap!), well-fed (you ate all your lunch!) and happy boy was happy to see me…but also didn’t want to leave (you were playing with friends).  It was a great feeling.  We walked into the car and for the first time since you started school – we had a real conversation about SCHOOL!  Just like I do at ever pick-up I asked, “What did you do at school today.”  You usually don’t answer and I have to remind you.  Not this time.  “We learned a new song mommy.  It goes like this – Over the river and far away, mama duck says quack, quack, quack and 5 little ducks came running back.”  Me: “That’s awesome sweetie!” You: “No, no, no there’s more…” and you continued singing for 4 little ducks, 3 little ducks, etc.  You then told me everything you ate and who you played with.  This week you make self-portraits and visit the barnyard.  I can’t wait for you to tell me all about it monkey.


What do you want to be/do when you grow up? – Drive trucks (mainly, garbage ones)

What is your favorite color? – Blue

What is your favorite show? – Mimi Show (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

What is your favorite thing to play with? – Blocks

Who do you love to play with? – Kaden and Other Dylan

You may be 3 but I think most of these answers are going to stick for a while.  Hopefully not the Mimi Show one…mama is meeska-mooska’d out!  Wouldn’t bother me to see that drop a peg or two.  Just saying.


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