3 Years Old – Happy Birthday “Big Boy”

Dear Babram,

Tomorrow you turn 3.  I’ve been thinking about the year, my feelings and thoughts and had the letter I wanted to write to you drafted in my head to write – that is until bedtime happened.  What happened during bedtime was hands down the best mommy-dylan moment of the year for me and erased any fears I had.

We were on our third and last book and reading together in your bed.  A page in, you leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.  You’re a very snuggly boy but you’re not an overly affectionate one so this was new.  I said “thank you” and kissed you back.  Two more pages and you did it again.  I turned to you and said, “thank you sweetie, why are you giving me kisses?” And you replied, “because I love you mommy.”

It shouldn’t be too shocking but the next thing you said was, “are you crying mommy?”

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