Your Middle Name is “Brielle”

Dear Abramella,

Listen lovey, I think you are confused.  You seem to think your middle name is “danger” – it is not – it’s “brielle.”  If there’s a cord loose – you want to eat it.  An outlet cover off – you want to stick your finger in it.  Stairs, you say?  You’re climbing them.  These days, mommy and daddy have to have 20/20 Mia-vision.

Yesterday, you lived up to your “danger” middle name.  You’re starting to stand a lot more and have been doing a shimmy-walk while holding onto things.  You were hanging out with me in the kitchen while I made turkey wraps and salad for dinner.  You were standing and shimmying your way around the whole kitchen.  I thought it was safe environment for you, one where you couldn’t get into trouble but Miss Mia Danger Abram proved me wrong.

At 6:00, daddy came home and said he thought he smelled gas.  I didn’t smell anything.  We ate dinner, had baths, storytime and put you and your brother to bed.  8:00 rolls along.  I went outside to water the plants, came in and it definitely smells like gas.  Called the fire department, they came out and discovered that the knob on the stove had been slightly turned on.  I’m looking at you little miss danger – it was probably turned on when you were shimmying by the stove.

Mommy and Daddy learned a big lesson tonight that we won’t have to learn again – once was enough.  That, and we learned that you’re going to keep us on our toes.  Never a dull moment, tortilla.

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