9 Months!

Dear Abramella,

You’re just over 9 months.  You know what this means? – you’ve been in my arms longer than you have been in my tummy!  I’m not all about counting the days/weeks/months but this is worth noting and celebrating.  Let me tell you lovey, I think I speak for both of us when I say my arms are a much more comfortable place for you to hang out!  You may be baby #2, but you are nothing if not original.  I often have to remind myself, “you’ve done this before” but everything with you seems like the first.  And i’m loving it! Only 3 more months to go until you’re 1, kiddo – here’s how you’re stacking up:

  • Smiling, laughing and squealing – you’re tickled by everything – and you like tickles! Even tickles tickle you.
  • You’re saying “mama” and “dada.”
  • You’re a foodie – chicken, squash and bananas seem to be your favorite.  Oh, and watermelon…which quickly turns to watermelon juice
  • You’re FAST – crawling on your feet and hands, pulling yourself up and shimming around the room holding onto things
  • You love peek-a-boo.  LOVE it.  I mean, REALLY love it.

Each day is pretty awesome and yet each day is better than the last.  I don’t want this first year to end yet i’m also eager for each new day to start.

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