Curious Tortilla

Dear Abramella,

You are one curious little tortilla! You are crawling everywhere, standing and even climbing with the right motivation.  Oh and you are fascinated by shoes, you’ll do just about anything to get a flip flop in your mouth.  Between your loves of shoes and toys, I think grandma hit the nail on the head when she said you’re going to be a girl that loves her accessories!

You have approached food with the same curiousity.  It’s been fun giving you pieces of food and watching you squish it (usually through your hair), smell it (and then accidentally snorting it), even listening to it?? How else do you explain the squash that I end up cleaning out of your ears!

But most of all, it’s been fun watching you taste it.  Your favorite so far seems ot be squash and peas.  Sweet potatoes, bananas and pears are a close second.  You don’t seem to like carrots at all.  And apples – well, the jury is still out.  Here’s a video of the first time I gave you applesauce.  That tartness really sneaks up on you – I love the one-eye closed shudder you do halfway in.  Your little munching sounds and happy squeals beat out any song I’ve ever heard – play on little tortilla!

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