Mommy-Mia Quality Time

Dear Abramella,

Lately, mommy has been feeling a bit stretched thin and feeling like I can’t give you all the cuddles and kisses I want to.  To be fair, I want to give you a million, so if I only get 100 in during the day, i’m disappointed.  It wasn’t the best of circumstances, but this last weekend was amazing.

On Friday, you got a fever and had what looked like a horrible rash…although not exactly a rash…all over you.  And I mean all over you.  You also had a fever of 100.  Poor little thing.  Being sick as a baby is definitely the roughest – I can’t wait until you can talk and tell me exactly what you are feeling.  You had been around “hand, foot, mouth” so we weren’t sure if it was that.  You also had 4 vaccines the day before so we weren’t sure if you were having a reaction.  You also broke 2 teeth so maybe you were feeling uncomfortable about that?  Not sure.  I called the doctor and they said it was likely Hand, Foot, Mouth but if the rash/fever got worse then to bring you into the office the next day.  That night also happened to be the first night of Passover.  Not knowing what you had, but knowing you had a fever, I kept you home.  Daddy took your brother to Grandma and Grandpa’s for Seder and you and I started to play catch up on the million of cuddles and kisses we missed during the week.

The next day, parts of the rash seemed much worse and you now had 102.  Took you to the doctor and was stunned when he said it was without question eczema and it was infected which explains your fever.  Eczema – huh!  Didn’t occur to me.  We didn’t change anything – no new laundry detergent, soap, new outfit, etc.  Why would this happen all over you?  Definitely odd, but it is also stress related and diet related.  I’ve been stressed and haven’t been eating as well as I normally do.  To think I did this – ME – your biggest fan – it’s heartbreaking.  You got an antibiotic and it started to clear up right away.  Thank goodness.  In the meantime, that night was the second night of Passover and once again, Daddy took your brother to Gigi-Ma’s and Gigi-Pa’s house for Seder while you and I stayed home.  I fully stocked you up on cuddles and kisses.

Your daddy took advantage of the circumstances too and bonded with your brother while you and I bonded at home.  I learned so much about you that weekend.  I learned that you love peek-a-boo.  I learned that you laugh when kissed on your neck and when I tickle your tummy.  I learned that you also like the Housewives (we’re going to have a lot of fun!).  I learned that no matter how tired you are – you cry for at least 2 seconds when I put you in your crib each and every time.  I learned that this means you are enjoying your time with me just as I am enjoying my girl’s weekend with you too.  For the first time in a while, I hated the idea of sleep.  I hated that it interfered with our cuddles and kisses.

Not the best circumstances, but a great weekend.  I’m not going to wait for you to be sick to spend mommy-mia bonding time. I’m putting that on the calendar first and everything else around it.  Nothing is more important than you tortilla.  Nothing.

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