Convos w/ Dylan

Dear Babram,

Man do you bring a smile to my face!  I’m just sitting here thinking about some of our convos this week and the things you have said.  These are some of my favorites:

  1. pics 4.19 633Situation: Reading a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book.  Me, “What is Daisy Duck doing Dylan?”  Dylan, “That’s not Daisy Duck mommy.”  Me, “Are you sure, it looks like Daisy Duck to me.”  Dylan, “No mommy, that’s not Daisy Duck.”  Me, “Okay, who is it?.” *pause* Dylan, “Um,   I don’t know, but it’s not Daisy Duck.”
  2. Situation: Potty training.  Dylan, “I have to go potty mommy.”  *sits on potty* “Uh oh, my penis isn’t working.  Where’s the pee pee?”
  3. Situation: Storytime at bed time. Dylan, “Brownie, come in here! Come on Brownie, it’s fun in here.  Come on Brownie, it’s fun and we are not hitting and not biting – it’s fun in here.”

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