The Inevitable Heartache

Dear Babram,

10968459_10103178164320081_4486810224564178232_n Today I read a news article about how a community put together a birthday party re-do for a 6-year-old boy after not one of the 16 invited children came to his birthday party.

THIS.  THIS is my BIGGEST fear.  Not no one showing up for your birthday, but dealing with the inevitable heartache that will come in YOUR life.  I love you so much and you’re the sweetest, most amazing person I know and I can’t understand how anyone wouldn’t want to be your friend, your girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.  I cringe thinking of the day when you tell me that so-and-so didn’t invite you to their party,
didn’t want to play with you, didn’t say “yes” when you asked them to prom, weren’t picked to play on their soccer team, etc.  I’m not naiive, it’s going to happen.  It’s even good for it to happen.  Life comes with disappointments and it’s how we handle those moments that truly define us as a person.  I hope that you’ll handle those moments with dignity, a smile and a “moving on” mentality.  I mean, one of us has to stay strong and since i’m calling dibs on throwing a tantrum, cursing the other child’s name and proclaiming that they are dead to me for not going with you to prom/etc. – well, the bigger person is going to have to be you.

For the record – that little hussy would be lucky – L-U-C-K-Y – to go to to prom with my cute, sweet little monkey!

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