Reaching Out

Dear Abramella,

10991314_10103178181355941_1482431810002172341_nMajor milestone yesterday – your first “mommy attachment” moment.  Yes, that’s a real milestone!

On Sunday I went running, came back and you smiled and danced when you saw me.  I gave you a kiss, passed you to Daddy and said that I was going to take a shower.  You started to cry when I walked away.  I came back, took you from daddy, you calmed down and smiled from ear to ear.  I gave you back to daddy and you started to cry and reached out for me.  Passed you back to me and you stopped.  Passed you back and you reached your arms out to me again.  Oh, it melted my heart.   10551050_10103122772161411_5657883586803386600_nI frequently wonder if I’m doing right by you.  You reaching out to me was a nod in my book.

There’s no question that you are a daddy’s girl.  You have a different smile for daddy and I often catch you staring at him and the second he turns around you let out a huge grin.  It doesn’t bother me, I get it, I love my daddy (Papa) and have a special bond with him too.  But when those two little arms reached out for ME today? Well, little girl, that was everything for this mama.

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