In the words of Popular Author, Adam Mansbach…

Dear Abramella,

…”Go the F*ck to sleep.”

Seriously, my dear, sweet, gorgeous, smiley angel, what do you say? Want to give 8 hours a try? How about 7? FINE, i’ll settle for 5 and 3/4? Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it.  I’m all for girl time.  Shoot, I LIVE for girl time.  You w10978647_10103184320463121_9029165440805395272_nant to hang out.  I want to hang out too! Just when the sun is up, that’s all.  Teeny, tiny, VERY important, detail.  Each night, I walk into your room, usually missing the doorframe by a half an inch (sometimes I don’t miss it, I smacked into it last night), walk to your crib and you are all smiles.  *SIGH*.  You’re not crying, you’re not sad – you give me a huge smile and, I swear, if you could talk you’d say “Hey girl, hey!”  And just like that, i’m also all smiles.

Last night was a great start, you woke up once.  I can do once!  Want to make that two nights in a row?  Hell, want to wake up once a night all week? All month?  And then, maybe give sleeping through the night a try?  Just for giggles?  Just to say, “been there, done that?”  You think about it and i’ll plan on seeing you at our standing 3:24am appointment little tortilla.

(PS – I realize that it may be 20+ years before you read my letters to you and not get the “Adam Mansbach” reference.  It’s a hilarious, endearing bedtime story that was really popular when I was pregnant with you.  Here’s a link of Samuel L. Jackson reading the book:

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