Preschool – 2 Years Old

Dear Babram,

turf, 2 month 025This year you have had quite a few transitions.  It’s been hard for me to fully understand what you’re going through as you transitioned from crib to bed, sippy cup to regular cup and of course the whammy transition to big brother.  Except this one – the transition to preschool.  This has meant a transition for mommy too and i’m not sure which one of us is having the harder time with the transition.

It’s been almost a month now.  Let’s go back to that first day.  In a word – horrific.  Transition days went great.  You played with the other kids, the teachers and participated in class activities.  Theoretically, your first day of preschool should have nothing short of amazing.  Only, on transition days, i’m there with you.  On the first day of preschool, i’m not.  HUGE difference.  REALLY huge difference.  When it came time to leave you, onlookers would have thought I set you on fire.  The screams coming out of you cut right through me.  Thank goodness you have wonderful teachers who comforted you like you were their own.  And thank goodness you have a class full of the most considerate, caring kids who each came to try and comfort you, saying “it’s okay” and offering you toys.  I, on the other hand went home to Nana Brownie and she didn’t do any of those things, so I cried for about 3 hours…that’s another story.  When I picked you up you were sitting at the table with your head asleep in your hands.  You didn’t understand the concept of “napping on the mat.”  I really should have taken a picture, it was too cute (and funny).  You woke up and ran to me crying, but more of an excited to see my cry and not the “i’m on fire” cry from before.  I asked you if you had fun and you said, “YES!”  You seemed excited.  This made me excited.  Maybe this is okay!! I got you a celIMAG1189ebratory shake and we talked about your first day.

It’s been almost a month now.  We’ve made some changes and the consistency of going to preschool has made things a little more comfortable for you.  For one, your whole schedule has now moved up.  You wake up much earlier and go to sleep earlier.  This has helped you tire out for nap time at school.  We’ve played with some of the friends in your class outside of school and you seem to really enjoy them.  We talk about school all the time and try to bring breakfast for the school animals or an afternoon snack.  You are very partial to the cow and rabbits.  Drop off is still hard.  You still cry but it’s getting less and less intense over time.  But you still cry.  Sometimes mommy does too.

In this month, you seem more confident with trying new things, very happy (except for those 5 minutes in the morning when you’re crying).  You know your colors, numbers animals shapes, sing songs and man do you want to do things yourself!  I’m going to relish in this milestone for a bit before tacking the next.  Not sure you or I are ready for anymore change right now.  High five to where things are today – napping on the mat and little cries at drop-off.  Huzzah!

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