Dear Babram,

For the last couple of months you have been in “mommy” mode.  You and me, monkey, attached at the hip.  Being on maternity leave has allowed us a lot more bonding time and I haven’t taken a second of it for granted.  It’s been absolutely wonderful.  October 2014 217Here’s the thing though – daddy.

Your daddy has been promoted from best husband (“hubbyman”) to the best daddy (“daddyman”).  Right now you may only have eyes (arms, legs, cries, smiles) for mommy but just know that daddy hasn’t redirected his gaze or determination to holding onto his first place title.

What other daddy would let you fart on their head and then blame the doggy?  Take you on special daddy-Dylan days to giggles and hugs?  Climb into bed with you when you are having a hard time going night-night?  Take you to ride the carousel and get a chocolate chip cookie afterwards?  Hold hands and dance around to “Let it Go”?  Who would let you do your best Hulk Hogan impersonation as you jump straight up and then down on his tummy?

YOUR daddyman.  That’s who.

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