Remembering your “First”

Dear Abramella,

As you get older, you’ll hear the phrase “you’ll always remember your first (fill in the blank).”  Whether it’s your first d1st month 317ay of school, first kiss, first heartbreak, etc. you’ll remember it.  You’ll remember everything about it.  What you were wearing, where you were, the weather – everything.  Firsts hold a lot of significance.  You’ll try with all your might to remember that second day of school or that second kiss and while you’ll have a vague memory of it, you won’t be able to recall it the way you will the first.

I’ve started remembering your firsts for you and look forward to each one.  Your first bite of solids, your first word, your first step – i’m excited for all of it.  You are 7 weeks old and the “firsts” are already starting.  In the last couple of weeks you had your first smile.  I was holding you in the living room.  Dylan was napping and we were playing our (well, my) favorite game of “where’s mommy’s nose” and you smiled.  All the colors in the room seemed brighter and my chest felt tighter.  I remember thinking, gosh you’re the sweetest, most beautiful girl.  You’ve smiled about 100 times since then and although each smile instantly elevates my mood, I can’t remember every detail of them the way I can remember the first.1st month 316

Last week you also had a first.  Your first projectile vomit.  I also remember it – vividly.  It’s a 5-sense sort of memory – smelly, lumpy, wet, loud and fast.  Like your smile, there were more projectile vomits that followed the first.  Unlike your first smile, I can remember each projectile vomit very vividly.  Each one stands out.  The first only hit the ground, the second went right into the burp cloth and the third went into my hair and down my back.  The first you were swaddled, the second you had your “new in town” onesie on, the third was the first time you wore your pink cheetah print onesie…you get it…I remember.  Even though your brother was practically a gold medal Olympian at the sport of projectiling, i’m still always caught offguard by it.  Each one feels like the first.1st month 320

I guess the moral of the story is – you’ll always remember your first – except when projectile vomit. is involved  On that note, I hope you only have one “first kiss.”

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