Happy 1 Month Mia!

Dear Abramella,

Can you please slow down with this whole aging process?  I am enjoying my time with you so much and want to really savor every minute with you.  I find myself staring at you thinking, “you are too good to be true.”  I may have pinched you once or twice…just to be sure.

There are so many things from this first month that stand out and so many adjectives I would pick to describe you.  Easy – you hardly ever fuss and are a super sleeper.  Sweet – you tend to nuzzle when you are held.  Curious – when your eyes are open, they are wide open and searching around.  Funny – I love your “birdy” sounds, makes me smile each time.  But, if I had to choose just one adjective to describe you this first month it would have to be stinky. You are the tootiest little thing.  The other day, I took you and your brother to the market.  You were in the sling and your brother was in the cart.  This woman in her 80s came up to us and said, “Oh, look at the baby!” She then proceeded to take a very deep breath in through her nose and then exclaimed, “OH! They don’t smell like I remember.”  No.  No, ma’am they do not.

There’s a phrase in one of your books that really captures how I have felt this first month – “The day you were born was the day god decided that the world could not exist without you.”  I love you tortilla.  Happy 1 Month.

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