Big Boy Room

Dear Babram,

A month ago you gave mommy and daddy quite a scare when you tried to climb out of your crib.  You decided to try your acrobatic skills out the day of the gender reveal party…not stressful at all!  That night, we started talking about transitioning you to a bed.  It’s not that simple though.  We can’t just take your crib out and throw your bed in.  See, once you are in a bed you can get in and out as you please and roam the room.  Also, who’s to say you’ll even want to stay in your bed?  We need to make the room safe and fun – but not so fun that you never want to go to sleep.  When we thought of themes we wanted to choose something that wouldn’t require us to change it again in a couple of months.  We needed a theme that would last.  Easy – you love cars and your books.  You also love mickey mouse but i’m really, really, really hoping this is a phase – mommy is about one “oh toodles” away from losing it.

After scouring pinterest for inspiration and ideas, we came up with the blueprint for your room.  The walls would have a magnetic paint road that runs around the room for you to play with your cars/magnets on.  We would create a reading nook out of rain gutters and accessorize the room with fun decals, ikea lamps and car/truck pillows.  Oh, the final detail – a car bed!  Not just any – one with working headlights.

We brought you into the room for the big reveal.  The plan was to have you play around and then we would do bedtime that night.  Well, you seemed to like it so much that we asked you if you would like to take a nap in your new bed.  You then proceeded to climb under the covers and go to sleep.  3 hours later you sat up and called for us.  Pretty easy peasy!  Each night you grab all your stuffed animals and arrange them around the bed.  You also take about 20 books into bed with you.  At first I thought a twin was too big but now i’m thinking we should have transitioned straight to queen.  There are nights when you sleep at the edge of the bed because that’s the only place where there is room!

I love that you love your room and hope that you’ll love it for years – we need time before considering another remodel!

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