Pickle Meets Tortilla

Dear Babram & Abramella,

From the moment we found out we were pregnant with Abramella, we have been thinking of the moment when the two of you meet.  How to do it, when to do it, how it will go, etc.  We started introducing you to one another right away – showed Dylan ultrasound pictures, talked to my belly about your family and the wonderful big brother you have,practiced pointing out “baby,” reading books, getting Dylan his own baby doll to hold/feed/dress, setting up baby equipment/furniture/toys, etc.

First meeting could not have gone better. Dylan was calling and introducing Mia as “my baby”. We took Mia for a walk around the nurses station and Dylan carried a mini antibacterial bottle and gave a drop to nurses and visitors saying “for my baby.”. We got him a play magnifying glass and we had fun examining the baby and then read a new book to the baby. Daddy and I couldn’t get through it without crying because he kept pointing things out on the book and looking at Mia almost as if he was showing her. I underestimated my little guy – I knew he would do well but was blown away by just how loving and interested he was. We had an hour to just us for the meeting, then it got a little busy with friends and family visiting.

Since coming home, the love has only grown.  The day starts with Dylan running to the bassinet in mommy and daddy’s room to say “hi baby!” and ends with a kiss and “bye bye baby” after storytime.  During the day, dylan holds, pets and kisses the baby.  I love your bond, I love your love.  I look forward to the day when Mia can reciprocate the love shown to her by her big brother back.  Until then, let’s assume that whenever she burps she’s saying, “I love you Dylan” – in which case, she loves you a LOT!

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