Dear Babram,1794797_10103740146902446_912214845659163401_n

I owe you an apology.  For the past few months, I haven’t been able to be the mommy I want to be to you.  I’ve missed chasing you around the house.  I’ve missed having you sit on my lap.  I’ve missed sitting on the floor with you and reading you stories.  This pregnancy has wiped out my energy and made me very uncomfortable.  I’ve missed you.

Today, that changed.  No more bump, no more tiredness, no more discomfort.  You sat on my lap and laid across my belly while we watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together.  Then, we read stories together and afterwards, I laid next to you in your bed, sang you Little Mermaid and Frozen songs and we drew circles on each others hands and pulled the tips of each other’s fingers like we used to.  I felt like I had reunited with my best friend – probably because I had.  Take note monkey, mommy’s back!

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