Final Thoughts

Dear Abramella,

So Week 37 is almost up and you decided you needed a little more time.  The doctor thinks you might already be 7-7.5 pounds so maybe don’t take too much time.  These last few days have given me time to reflect on this pregnancy.  This is our second and last pregnancy.  Here are a few things i’ve learned in the process…

  • I’m stronger than I thought I was – I can be a great mommy, wife, employee and friend while balancing sciatic pain, maintaining a clean and healthy household and functioning off a few hours of sleep.
  • I’m a lot weaker than I thought I was – I can’t handle it all.  Sometimes good old Trader Joe has to prepare dinner.  Sometimes the roomba has to vacuum for me and sometimes we have to play back to back Micky Mouse Clubhouse episodes.  My body hurts.  By the end of the day, I can’t hold you AND your brother and that is probably the hardest part.
  • Just because i’ve done it once doesn’t mean it’s easier.  AT ALL.
  • Tums smoothie tabs and Hawaiian shaved ice are seriously under-rated.  Those tabs should be on the end caps between M&Ms and Snicker bars at the market and Hawaiian shaved ices should be an option at every fast food shop.
  • Just because i’ve done this once doesn’t mean it’s any less new and exciting.
  • Since this is the second time and I know the wonderful journey we’re about to go on, it’s so much harder to be patient.
  • If you dine it at Marie Callendars you get $5 off ANY pie to take home – ANY pie!  Beautiful words to a pregnant lady.

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