Practice Makes Perfect

IMAG0907Dear Abramella,

37 weeks – we are getting close!  On Tuesday – it was too close!  Tuesday was, well, it was stressful.  There was this, and then there was that and some more of this again and a whole lot more of that – stressful!  During the afternoon, I started feeling VERY uncomfortable.  By 7:30 that night, my 10-20 second contractions were now lasting over a minute.  By 8:30, they seemed like they were happening pretty frequently.  By 9:30, I was having a hard time telling when the contractions were starting and ending.  I was on the fence about going to the hospital when you’re daddy said, “we’re going – I called Debbie and she is on her way!”  So that settled that – and now mommy is freaking out.  Like, totally freaking out.  I had no bag packed and a to do list waiting to be tackled.  Plus, my mind was having a hard time wrapping itself around the fact that this was about to happen.  Packed a quick bag, took a quick shower to calm down and we were off to the hospital.IMAG0917

I got monitored and my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart and lasting 60-90 seconds.  They were more intense when I was walking.  If I was sitting, laying down it was consistent but tolerable.  It was sinking in – you were going to be born today!  Not so fast – I was only 1 cm dilated.  If you were going to be born, it was going to be a LONG day!  So, the nurse had us walk around for 30 minute intervals between being monitored to help determine whether this was “false labor” or the real deal.  If it was real, then the walking should help me progress.  It wasn’t helping – a few hours later and I was still at ONE.  So, at 3am, I got the choice to stay until the morning to continue monitoring my contractions or go home.  We chose to go home.  If this was going to happen, we needed to sleep a little and it’s pretty hard to sleep there.  Now it’s Sunday and still pregnant.  I’m 37 weeks so it’s obvious that you’re coming any day now – but you’re REALLY coming any day now.  And i’m ready.  Ready emotionally, mentally, with hospital bag and last minute errands all done.

So, that was a fun dress rehearsal, but when is the show??  This entire pregnancy I thought you would likely come on Sept 17th and share my birthday but now it seems pretty definite that you’ll be here before then.   I think you’re coming this week and here’s why…

  • Sept 1 – Because it’s “Labor Day” and well, duh, it’s LABOR DAY!!
  • Sept 3 – Because I have dinner with my “Sisterhood Girls” planned and when I was pregnant with your brother, I missed the dinner because I went into early labor.
  • Sept 4 – Because it’s Grandma’s birthday and what a wonderful birthday gift you would be!
  • Sept 5 – Because your brother was 15 days early so maybe you’ll follow suit.
  • Sept 6 – Because it’s your Aunt Samantha’s birthday – she is the younger sister to an older brother too.  And you’d be a wonderful birthday surprise!

So, what will it be?


Add Yours
  1. Helene

    It will be whenever SHE wants it to be!! This is one thing you ‘don’t’ have control over!!! Hope it goes easy for you!
    Love, Helene

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