1 Month Left? – More Like 2 Weeks!!

36Dear Abramella,

Today we had your 1 month out doctor’s appointment.  From this point forward, i’m waddling my huge, hippo-self hand-in-swollen hand with your daddy to the doctor every week.  But, it sounds like we might only have 2 more appointments.  The doctor thinks you will be here in 2 weeks instead of 4 and is betting on you being a Labor Day baby.  She went as far to say that it wouldn’t surprise her if it was 1.5 weeks and would be very surprised if it went 3 weeks.  This should terrify me.  Hearing that we have 2 less weeks might have made me run for the hills a month ago, but today, not so much.  We are ready and feel like we can tie up all the things we want to in the next 2 weeks.  And if we can’t – no problem!  I’m so excited to meet you my little Abramella!  Oh, and if you want a little extra time, no pressure!  I won’t pressure you and you don’t put pressure on me…or my bladder…deal?

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