36 Weeks Down!

Dear Abramella,

It’s the final month!  Your room is 80% ready, the carseat installation appointment is in the books, CPR refresher class is scheduled and mommy is going to pack her hospital bag and get a nurses gift basket ready this weekend.  THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!

One month left and the only feeling that is rivaling my excitement is the feeling of being uncomfortable.  I’m a see-saw of emotions.  I’m on cloud 9 with excitement but at the same time have never complained so much in my life about being so uncomfortable.  Mommy needs a massage stat!  I tried getting one with Tsafta and the person called in sick last minute.  A few weeks after that, I tried going with a friend and what do you know – the person called in last minute sick again.  Third time’s the charm right?  Sort of.  The person was there, although after having the most uncomfortable massage ever, I wish she wasn’t.

I showed up and met the therapist.  The owner was also there and was very friendly.  She asked me how far along I was and then proceeded to tell me that they generally don’t take pregnant patients after 34 weeks for fear of inducing them but would make an exception since they’ve had to cancel on me.  She asked if I was experiencing any contractions.  Sure am lady!  She then said that is a bit of a concern for her and explained that if the body relaxes too much it could accelerate labor and said she’d wait outside the door just in case they have to rush me to the hospital.  Umm, no need – there’s NO WAY i’ll be able to fully relax now.  Thanks.  Thanks a lot lady.  Now, this poor therapist who has listened to all of this took me to the room and what proceeded was the most awkward 60 minutes ever.  Simply put, she was terrified to touch me.  She was touching me so softly that it tickled and I would involuntarily twinge to which she would freak out and snap, “oh my gosh, are you okay?”  The owner who was diligently waiting outside the room with keys in hand would pop in and ask, “everything okay??”  Yep, there will be no relaxing today.  All the twinging actually started to activate my sciatica pain.  She then asked if I would like a scalp massage.  Sure, i’m just going home from here, go for it!  Now…this was weird.  It wasn’t a scalp massage – she started to brush my hair.  Totally weird.

I left more uncomfortable than when I came in.  Grandma treated me to a mani/pedi the next day and that 5-minute massage they give you before applying polish was EXACTLY what I needed.

You are the size of a honeydew, which explains the discomfort.  Here are a few more symptoms that accompany the 36 week mark (according to “The Bump”) and how i’m measuring up:

  • Pelvic discomfort: Not really but REALLY looking forward to that, haha!
  • Difficulty sleeping: It’s funny, if I, excuse me – we – can find a comfortable position i’ll only wake up once during the night.  Otherwise, it’s about 4-5 times a night.
  • Heartburn: YES! Last week it was awful.  I had an order of Tums coming from Amazon the next day but it was 10 pm and so unbearable that I asked your daddy to run out and get me some which he so kindly did.
  • Ankle and foot swelling: For the most part no, but when it happens, take cover!  I thought the straps of my shoes were going to bust off the other day.

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