Shorter Hair, Bigger Boy

Dear Babram,

Your first haircut was well overdue!  For good reason though.  We wanted to have your first haircut at Tipperary on the westside and were having a hard time finding a time between naps/activities/parties to get over there.  No more excuses – either those locks go or the ponytail holders come out (over my dead body!).

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was leaning towards expecting a meltdown and was pleasantly surprised when you – dare I say – enjoyed it??  You hesitated walking in at first but once you got in, saw all the fun toys, the cool chair you got to sit in and the animal cookies you could have, you were just fine.  Mommy’s close family friend, Stephanie, gave you your first haircut.  It was so nice to introduce you to her and she did a wonderful job.

We walked in with a baby and out with a little boy.  You looked SO MUCH OLDER!!  WOW! What a transformation!!  You are so incredibly handsome!  I love it but also miss my baby.  I realize you’re growing up and getting older everyday but it’s these moments that really smack me in the face with the reminder that you’re becoming a big boy.  Your second haircut might have to be overdue as well…

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