Just 3 More Months

Dear Abramella,

If we could have fewer days like yesterday….well, that would be dandy.  Wednesday I started feeling mid-back pain on the right side.  By the time night rolled around, I could barely move.  I could also barely not move.  Sitting, laying down, bending, anything – it all hurt.  I couldn’t sleep.  Caught up with The Kardashians and waited for morning to go see the doctor.  Started to browse the internet to see what this could be a sign of and Preeclampsia started to pop up.  Noticed that I check quite a few of the symptoms and am now really worried.  At the same time, i’m in too much pain to be worried.  The only time I can remember pain like this was with your brother’s labor.

It’s morning, did a little work and then went right to my OB.  The main symptom of preeclampsia is high blood pressure – which I didn’t have.  The OB checked you out and you’re beautiful.  Gorgeous, actually.  Gosh I can’t wait to meet you.  Wait, maybe you can’t wait either…are you trying to come out of my back??  Please don’t do that.

My OB said she thinks my pain is kidney related and started to discuss the possibilities and what they mean.  From back strain to kidney infection to kidney stones.  She called and admitted me to ER to get some kidney tests.  This hasn’t been the easiest pregnancy but in light of this pain, it’s been a breeze until now!  She also asked me, “why haven’t you gone to ER with pain like this?”  This question floored me.  Why?  Because mommy ALWAYS goes to ER.  I’m not one to “wait and see.”  If I have a fever or pain at 10pm, I don’t wait for office hours – I go to the office that never closes.  For a few years I didn’t have a general practitioner because I didn’t need it – ER was my doctor.  So, you can imagine how stunned I was by this question and I thought, “Why didn’t I go to ER???”

Anyways, back to the story.  Got to ER and they took blood and urine samples and did an ultrasound.  A couple hours later the nurse came back and said that there’s some blood and bacteria in my urine and I likely have a kidney stone.  Flipping out would be putting my reaction mildly.  Especially after the preparatory information my OB gave me for IF it’s a kidney stone.  I could be in this level of pain the whole pregnancy.  I could not be able to pick up your brother for 3 months.  I could have to stay here for a week.  These thoughts are just the tip of what was circulating around my head for the next 2 hours until the doctor came in and said, “the nurse was wrong and shouldn’t have said that.”  Ummm…come again??  He said I have either a sprained back or a slight torn ligament.  Again….what???  They gave me an Abramella-safe sedative for the pain and sent me on my way.

Between the pain and stress, this was a day I would like to not repeat.  Ever.  Today brought a new level of meaning to the phrase, “Just 3 more months.”

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