The “Yes” Milestone

Dear Babram,

Over the last almost two years, it’s been really exciting watching you hit each milestone.  Particularly in vocabulary.  Wondering what your first word would be, your second, third, etc.  Early on in your vocabulary development you grew very fond of the word “no.”  From the beginning, you said it correctly and said it with determination.  Never with a smile and never wavering.  Over time, “no” has also grown to replace the word “yes.”  In other words, you now say “no” when you mean “yes.”  You haven’t said the word “yes” yet.  Not even a “yeah”, “okay”, “fine”…just “no.”  I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to know what the question would be that would make you finally respond with “yes” and not “no.”

Here’s how a typical day goes:

  • Dylan, do you want some milk? No.
  • Dylan, want to play with the toy cars? No. *as he walks over to the toy cars*
  • Dylan, want to go on the swing? No. *walks to the swing*
  • Dylan, do you want a banana? No.
  • Dylan, let’s put your PJs on. No.
  • Dylan, dylan, dylan…No. No. No.

Then, it happened…

  • Dylan, do you want to read another book? Okay.

If you’re looking for me, that’s me down there on the floor having fallen out of my chair stunned.

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