24 Weeks Down!

Dear Abramella,

These past few weeks since the gender reveal party have been so much fun.  Knowing that you are “Abramella” has added a much clearer vision into what our little family is going to look like.  You’re our little girl!  For the sake of my wallet, I hope you’re a tad early because i’ve been shopping everyday since finding out.  A little dress one day, a new carseat cover the next, cute little leg warmers here and a hair bow there…SO much fun and SO dangerous.  I’m going to tell you right now – we can’t afford to send you to Harvard.  BUT, you’ll look ADORABLE in your leg warmers!  I think it’s a fair trade.

You are the size of a cantalope!  And I believe it – haha!  My belly isn’t the only thing resembling a huge melon – not even Victoria could keep these things a secret, haha.

Only a few weeks left in the second trimester and then we’re in the final stretch – eek!!  Here are the 24 Weeks - Abramellasymptoms associated with Week 24 and how i’m stacking up:

  • Swelling: A little.  My hands and feet definitely are starting to swell as the day goes on.  Especially days at the office where I have the drive and can’t elevate my feet.  It’s not uncomfortable though.  And – major win – I can still wear my wedding rings!
  • Leg Cramps: Not as much.  I know – i’m shocked by this news too.
  • Back Aches: Oh yes! I’ll occasionally check the mirror to make sure the bump is in front of me and not behind me.  The way my back feels – you’d think you were growing out of both sides of me.
  • Linea Negra: Not yet.  I wonder if this is a second pregnancy thing? I got this pretty early on with Dylan but don’t see it at all now.
  • Stretch Marks: Nada, for the win!

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