Worst Mom of the Day

Dear Babram,

All the moms out there can stop trying – the prize for “Worst Mom of the Day” goes to yours truly 😦

I was doing so great too – racking up blue ribbons and awards left and right.  Park days, Disneyland trip, Cuddles, Playdates, Ballpit Dives – the works.  I was well on my way to “Mommy of the Week” – then today happened.

That brings us to today.  I picked you up after work and we went to the market.  Then we went home and I started to put the groceries away.  You helped, of course, by taking every fourth thing out after I put it away.  What a great helper you are! I had almost everything away and then had to put the 2 gallons of milk I bought in the garage.  I walked out and and heard, “CLICK.”  You locked the door behind me.  To add insult to injury, I then heard ANOTHER “click.”  Within seconds, both bolts were locked.  And just like that, all other contenders for “Worst Mom of the Day” were out of the running.

Luckily, Jodi still had the house key from watching Brownie over the weekend and came right over to let me in while I waited staring at you through the window making sure you didn’t secure me “Worst Mom of the Week” by playing with fire or something.

I was probably outside for maybe 8 minutes but it felt much longer.  You were fine – miserably upset – but not harmed.  From now on, I will always carry a key on me.  I’m satisfied with winning the award once – i’ll try my best to let others have a turn for a while.


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