Your Gender Reveal Party!

Dear Abramella,

IMAG0755Today we found out if we are going to be having another “Babram” or an “Abramella.” Our family and friends came over to share in the excitement as we anxiously waited to pop the giant black balloon that held either pink or blue confetti. This has taken a ton of self control on your daddy and my part to not open the envelope that the doctor wrote the results in – or to open the package and take a sneak peak at what color the confetti was.IMAG0763

Mommy and daddy LOVE fun and games and your gender reveal was no exception. IMAG0758 It was a battle of the sexes from the moment guests walked in.  Pick a side – blue or pink!  We set up a board for people to make their predictions and provided “Old Wives Tales” to help them guess.  Guests were also welcomed to offer name suggestions and to take a fun photo in our homemade photo booth area.  Once guests made their guess, they advertised it proudly by wearing a necklace with a clip on it.  If they said, “baby,” “boy” or “girl” someone could steal their clips for a prize at the end.  We had a bounce house set up in the back because let’s face it – that’s how some (like your brother) get their excitement out, haha!

Then the moment!  We had a 3 foot black balloon that had either pink or blue confetti in it holding the “reveal.”  You couldn’t see anything in that balloon (we tried!!).  We counted down and popped the balloon with a kitchen knife.  There was SO much confetti that it took me a minute to realize – the confetti is PINK – WE’RE HAVING A GIRL!!  I honestly was excited by the idea of having a boy or girl, I just really wanted YOU!  It wasn’t until that moment that I realized how excited I was to be having a little girl and I’ve been seeing the world in a pink haze ever 4-20140510-193307

Just as your brother’s shower was a love-filled day that I will always remember – i’ll never forget your gender reveal and the love for you in that room.


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