20 Weeks Down – HALFWAY POINT!!

Dear Abramella,

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through the pregnancy!  Trust me, my body believes it, it’s my brain that needs some convincing.  Everyday my body reminds me that i’m pregnant – it screams it actually.  I sure hope you’re comfortable because I am NOT AT ALL.  My brain is still repeating in a very slow, shocked tone, “I.AM.PREGNANT.”  I’m so antsy to meet you but also so scared that this “halfway point” is quite the reality check for mommy.

You’re currently the size of a banana.  By the way you feel, i’m going to say you’re the size of a plantain.

.  Here’s how i’m stacking up to the symptoms that accompany the “20 week” mark:

20 Weeks - Abramella
20 Weeks – Abramella
  • Leg Cramps: Just “leg”? Add back, feet – oh – neck – definitely neck, and we’re talking.  So yeah, big fat check mark on “leg cramps.”
  • Heartburn: YES. I’m pretty sure if I focus hard enough I could exhale fire.  Funny thing is, the only other time in my life when I had heartburn was when I was pregnant with your brother.
  • High Energy: Ha! That’s a good one.
  • Mild Swelling: I’m expanding, yes, but not swelling yet.
  • Shortness of Breath: Not really.  Tired, but breathing just fine.


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