First Accident

Dear Babram,

Today started off great. When you woke up, you bounced right up with a smile, yelled “hi!”, we came in your room, dressed you and had some breakfast. Daddy then put you in a shirt and shorts and started to tell you all about the fun daddy-dylan you two were about to have. I needed to get ready for your Auntie Jenna’s bridal shower so daddy explained to you that he was going to take you to the park and then the two of you were going to have lunch together. I’m pretty sure I heard him say he was going to get you grilled cheese – does your daddy know you or what!

You both left – not sure who was more excited about the park – I actually think it was your daddy which has me slightly concerned. I started to get ready and about 45 minutes after you left got a phone call from daddy. He was crying and very scared. He frantically explained that you fell while playing on the jungle gym and cut your chin pretty bad. He wasn’t sure how bad it was and wanted to make sure I hadn’t left yet so that I could take a second look. Being the very good daddy he is, he cleaned you up, put a band-aid on you and got you right home.

I don’t even want to think about what route your daddy created or how fast he drove but it felt like you came in the door the moment I hung up. You weren’t happy. You had blood stains on your shirt and your band-aid was full of blood. You weren’t bleeding buckets by any means but it also wasn’t stopping so I feared that you might need stitches. Luckily, your wonderful pediatricians have walk-in hours on Saturday 1779282_10102370293275131_1321516424_nmornings so we quickily went to see them. They weren’t as quick to seeing you. We waited about 45 minutes and your bleeding was slowly starting to stop. We were all calm and feeling very optimistic. The doctor came in and confirmed that you wouldn’t need stitches – phew! She wanted to clean it once again and bandage it up. She spread your wound apart and pretty much my heart at the same time. Before you were born I remember being told that I would know if you were hungry, needed a diaper change, in pain, etc by the type of cry you gave out. Over the past year and a half I was pretty sure I heard all your types of cry. I never heard this cry you let out when she spread your wound and just thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes.

We got home and you were immediately back in good spirits, ate well and went down for a nap. I left for Long Beach as planned and the whole morning felt surreal. In the moment, it felt like the world was ending. But, putting it into perspective – you had a small (and probably the first of a couple (few? many?)) minor accidents. I’ll make you a deal – I’ll do my best to try to keep that perspective if you do your best to try and be more careful.

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