Dear Babram,

Although you sometimes struggle with the concept of sharing, you are 100% considerate. Whenever you’re eating, you always offer a bite to me and daddy. It’s very sweet and something you’ve been doing since you started feeding yourself. You’re starting to love your stuffed animals. We let you you go to sleep with one in your crib each night and during nap. Usually, you’re okay with the animal staying in the crib after nap. Today, you couldn’t bear to be separated. You brought the stuffed animal with you into your chair for after nap snack. Of course, you offered your food to me. I said, “No thank you, but maybe monkey would like a bite.” You looked intrigued and proceeded to try and feed the monkey. This was adorable until of course you grew furious that the monkey wouldn’t in fact swallow the food. You then threw the monkey to the floor…ungrateful monkey.

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