Dear Babram,

I can’t believe it.  You are one and a half years old! You are a tall little guy measuring in the 75th percentile.  My favorite part about you turning one and a half is that you’re starting to develop interests!!  This is so exciting to me.  For the first year, we exposed you to so many things to help YOU make decisions about what YOU like.  And for that first year…there wasn’t much reaction.  We’re at a year and a half and it’s a whole other story.  Here are some of your favorite things:

  • Goats! Man, do you love goats.  Feeding them, brushing them, watching them, whatever.  I find myself looking for places to go on the weekend that have petting zoos to help appease this interest of yours.  Underwood Farms had baby goats for a while which you let sit on your lap and pet.  Nana Brownie better stay in line, because i’ve been tempted to bring one of those baby goats home.
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  There’s no talking to you when the hot dog song comes on.  We’re awful parents who have the TV on in the background a lot and nothing catches your eye.  Oscar the who? Jack and the Neverland what? Yo Gabba come again?  But when Mickey Mouse comes up and says “hiya pal!” You seem to take the greeting personally and politely sit down and watch the show.
  • Hide and Seek. You love being surprised! Your favorite is to hide in your closet and jump out at opposite ends surprising us.  And of course, we never see it coming and react VERY surprised each time.
  • Reading. I love that this doesn’t appear to be a phase and seems to be your personality.  You will sit through about 10 books before wanting to move onto the next activity.  Only Mickey Mouse gets that kind of attention span from you.  And if it’s a Mickey Mouse book, forget it! Up the total to 15.
  • Bubbles.  Nana Brownie has been doing a great job teaching you how to catch bubbles.  Yep, like Nana Brownie you try to catch them with your mouth.  Wish I was joking.  Actually, no I don’t it’s hilarious.

Your development seems to be spot on, checking all the necessary boxes.  You understand and follow simple instructions, point and ask for things, point to several body parts (nose, eyes, mouth, head, ears, belly button, toes, feet, fingers, hands) and are saying about 10 words (mommy, daddy, no, uh-oh, nanny (for brownie), pa, hot, bye, hi, dog).

You’re growing up and i’m *long pause* okay with that.

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