Here boy! Sit. Stay. Good boy!

Today was a HUGE milestone – Mommy had her first heart attack! Yay! (this my dear is sarcasm).  2014-01-20 12.59.56We went to your friend Evie’s house for a playdate/housewarming/surprise baby shower – it was a BIG day!  Things were going great.  You were munching on some chicken salad, playing with your buddies, giving their labrador (Sophia) some hugs. Fun times!  We were nearing the end of playdate and I went into the dining room to grab a piece of the delicious cake your friend Isabella’s mommy made.  You hung back to play with Dillon in the family room – a pickle party!  I poked my head in and noticed there was a pickle missing from the jar.  Translation: I couldn’t find you.  I looked everywhere and couldn’t find you.  At this point, i’m pretty sure I started to feel shooting pains in my arm and a pulling on my heart.

Something caught my eye outside and I turned to look.  YOU were outside playing with Sophia!  The screen door and the sliding door were both locked so there’s only one rational explanation for this – my baby can part the walls and walk through them – you’re the modern day Moses!! Although, there’s one more explanation for this…

I went outside and said, “let’s go in the house.” Instead of walking towards the sliding door, you went right back to the doggy door.  That’s when I realized how you got outside.  That’s also when I felt dumb for not seeing it.

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