My Little Bookworm

Your favorite thing to do is sitting in mommy/daddy’s lap and having a book read to you.  My favorite thing is watching you carefully select the book.  And I do mean carefully.  You have a TON of books, but half of them seem to really piss you off.  You toss those off the shelves with disgust sifting for your favorites.  Once you’ve selected one of your “favorites” you then climb into our lap (*aww*) and hand the book to us to start reading it to you.  We read, you turn the page until we complete the book.  It’s a pretty good system we have worked out.  Right now, “Where’s Spot,” “Bedtime Bugs” and “The Potty Book” are sitting pretty in the cool club on the bookshelf.  Anything Dr. Seuss might as well have leprosy.  Not sure what it is about rhyming that irks you but we’ll keep that crazy cat and his hat away for now.

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