1st Trick or Treating

This video pretty much sums up how you felt about taking candy from strangers:

This was your first year trick or treating. We went with 3 of your buddies and you four were too cute for words! Some of my favorite parts of the night were (in no order):

  • Holding your hand as we walked down the street and watching you hold your Daddy’s hand (please, please, please let this hand holding phase last a really long time!)
  • Watching you sit down after each house and sift through your candy bucket (you seemed partial to blow pops and heath bars)
  • Watching you take candy out of the bowl when offered…and then putting it back…then taking it again…and then putting it back…
  • The lady that thought it would help calm you down if she turned on her scary skeleton/zombie display.  Surprisingly, she was right.  Move over nightlight, zombies coming through!
  • Watching your little friends have a great time.  We’ve known these babies since they were either born or weeks/months old and you have some winner friends little man.  Watching Evie walk right up to the door fearless with a huge smile, Kaden boogie to music playing from the houses and Isabella carefully picking out her piece of candy from the bucket was priceless.  Your daddy and I are looking forward to many years of trick-or-treating with this group.

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