I Can Do It!

From the moment you turned one, you got this new “I want to do it” attitude. You want to turn the pages of the book, you want to brush your hair, you want to put your hands and feet in your pajamas and you want to feed yourself with the spoon. I thought it would be hard to watch you get older and although some days are very hard, it’s been a lot of fun watching you push the curiosity envelope and try things on your own. I thought for sure I would be the overprotective one. Nope, turns out your daddy is. He gets really worried about what you touch, try to climb or do yourself. It’s really cute. Oh, and poor Nana Brownie. She’s had the hardest time out of everyone with this adjustment. Specifically the spoon. Less things ends up on the floor means Nana Brownie has to do the unthinkable – eat her OWN food. Blasphemy.

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