Goodnight Kisses

IMAG0350A week ago, you didn’t give your stuffed animals the time of day. Winne the Pooh could have gotten up, walked across the room and you wouldn’t dare leave your beloved ball pit to even bat an eyelash in Pooh’s direction. Well, this is a new week and Pooh bear moved to the top of your list. Not just Pooh bear, but anything with a stuffed center. While your actions have not yet confirmed it, i’m pretty sure the teddy bear is the “chosen one” as your lovey. I’ll think positively for the other contenders though.

Last night, your love for your stuffed animals crossed over into bedtime storytime. We were reading one of your favorites, “Good Morning, Good Night.” How do I know it’s one of your favorites? Simple – you sit still throughout the whole book. Back on topic – last night – each time we said good night to an animal, you leaned forward and gave it a kiss. Talk about killing me with cuteness! How freaking adorable is that?!?


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