Happy Birthday Pickle!

My mascara didn’t stand a chance today! What an amazing year. We celebrated as a little family tonight by going out to dinner. When we came home, you crossed over from baby to toddler – LITERALLY. By that, I mean you WALKED. The hardest part of being a working mom is it means I miss things. I certainly don’t want to limit your development to the hours when I’m with you, but it is bittersweet hearing of “firsts” from other people. I’ve been fortunate enough to be there for your first word, first food, first sitting up, first crawling, first everything. So, when others tell me about your first steps…i’m happy and a little sad. We came home after dinner and the three of us played with Nana Brownie in the living room. You held onto the coffee table and I said, “Come to mama” and you walked right over! So naturally, I reacted like you had just won the lottery and hugged and kissed you a dozen times. Your daddy said that was the most steps you ever took. Forget feeling like it, I DID win the lottery.

You have been such an inspiration to your daddy and me. Seeing the world through your eyes has taught us a whole new way to see the world. Thank you for the following advice/lessons you gave us this year:

– Appreciate every day: You wake up each morning with a HUGE smile on your face. You literally bounce with excitement for the day. Whatever happened yesterday, is yesterday – you’re excited for the NOW and I love that. It’s been 10-12 hours since we last saw one another and I love that you wear that excitement to reunite all over your face and body language. If I had to choose, i’d say those first 5 minutes in the morning are my favorite minutes of the day.

– Play with EVERYTHING: We are awful parents and deprive you of toys – NOT! You live in West Hills Disneyland. You sure know how to make the most of an afternoon playing – I think each toy gets played with over the course of a day. Considering how many you have, that is impressive.

– Surprise one another often: Of all the games and toys here at West Hills Disneyland, nothing beats a good game of peek-a-boo. Whether we’re hiding behind hands, the couch or the doorways, your giddy reaction is priceless. I can tell that the thrill you get is seeing our reaction to when you pop your head out.

I’ve learned that older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser. I have learned so much from you little man. You are 365 days old and have taught me more about life than any institution or job has in my 10,000+ days of life. I hope over the years, I can repay you by teaching you a few things as well.

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