Not Your Common Cold

Little man, when you get sick – you get SICK! Over the Father’s Day weekend, you had a 104 fever. It was awful. You were very clingy, lethargic and definitely not your normal, happy self. Luckily, it didn’t last long. Within a few days you were back to playing with your toys and driving Nana Brownie nuts. I went to take your shirt off and noticed a few spots on your tummy. Spots, not hives. Spots, not a rash. These weren’t raised and had no head. You had become the 102nd dalmation out of nowhere (note to self: add that to the list of nicknames).

I called the doctor and they weren’t concerned. You didn’t seem bothered by the spots, had no accompanying fever or other symptoms and were very playful. The doctor said that some babies have a reaction after having a flu with a 104+ fever. His hunch was that it was Roseola. It’s at the word, “Roseola” that panic started to set in for me. Not because Roseola is a horrible thing – it’s not at all. It scared me to hear that because i’m terrified of misdiagnoses. Yes, by definition, what you had fits the description of Roseola to a T. BUT, the pictures on the web of Roseola don’t match what you have. Your spots were the size of nickels. Roseola is a series of pin prick markings. At this point, i’m full on freaking out and debating going to emergency. In my mind, you have a ticking time bomb inside of you that is going undetected due to a misdiagnosis and it’s my job to stop it before it detonates. Called the doctor again. He agreed that maybe it’s not Roseola but talked me off the ledge by explaining that you’re not bothered and that of everything it could be, none of the options are harmful or contagious and would likely be gone by the morning. Okay, I might be able to get a decent 2 hours of sleep with that peace of mind.

Wake up next morning. Pretty sure i’m going to need to be sedated – your spots are not gone and are MUCH worse. Rushed you to the doctor. I should add – you were smiling, laughing and have a great time. Your daddy and I were crying, but anyways…

Turned out you had Erythema Multiformae. Huh? Yeah, you heard me. The doctor took pics out and a description and this is exactly what you had. It’s…weird. It moves. Not right before your eyes, haha, that would be weird. It started on your tummy then went to your legs and then to your arms. And by the next morning – completely gone. GONE! Like it never happenend. No treatment or medication necessary. I, on the other hand, am going to need a refill on my chill pill prescription stat!

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