Happy Father’s Day – achoo!

Mother’s day – fail. I was horribly sick. Father’s day – double fail. YOU were super sick. Yesterday, your fever got all the way up to 104. Today, your fever is down to 102 but we’ve added projectile vomiting to the mix and you are wiped out. You are being such a little koala cuddlebug – you won’t let go of me. Your little body feels super hot and I just keep holding you, hoping that your fever will rub off of you and onto me. It hurts to see you so weak and sick. I wish I could take it away.

Father’s Day isn’t just about your daddy – it’s about you too. Your daddy wouldn’t be a daddy without you. You both got jipped out of properly celebrating today. The plan was to take daddy to get a bagel this morning. Play it very low-key. Then, on the way home, instead of going straight ome we were going to surprise him by getting on the freeway and going to the Angels v. Yankees game (Dodgers are out of town). We were going to take a picture at the game and then put the picture on a baseball and write “1st Father’s Day” – a new tradition that we’d do every year. There was one problem with this plan – it’s not the Dodgers. And let’s face it, we’re a Dodgers family. So, obviously, there was a very obvious flaw with this plan. I see it, now that you pointed it out. So, new plan. we’ll celebrate Father’s Day with a Dodgers game. If they’re not in town, we’ll either travel to watch them play or wait to celebrate when they’re back. I realize you can’t talk, but you didn’t have to go to the extent of having a fever and vomiting to make your case. It’s a good revision to the annual plan – thanks for speaking up! Maybe next time, you could just sniffle though??

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  1. Michelle

    Awwww! Sorry to hear that you are soooo sick Dylan. I am sure your mommy and daddy showered you with lots of love and healing kisses. Feel better buddy. Happy Father’s Day Mike! Sorry the day did not go as planned. It’s so hard when our babies are sick. HUGS!

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