Family Trip ’13 – Boston!

We just got back from our first family trip!  We went to North Carolina for Tori & Zak’s wedding and then flew from there to Boston for our first family trip where you, Daddy and I had 5 FULL QUALITY DAYS TOGETHER!  It was amazing…and exhausting.  I could easily write a novel on every little aspect.  But, this is a blog, not a novel so here are my top 5 memories from our trip to Boston:

  1. You said “mama.”  Our hotel room used to be a single bedroom apartment.  It had a long hallway and you would sit on one end – look at me – say “mama” and start to crawl towards me.  My heart nearly exploded.
  2. Boston Tea Party.  We saw a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party.  You were really into the costumes and enthusiasm.  You had a big smile plastered on your face and your eyebrows were spiked up.  That is until John Addams asked, “Do you know what the penalty is for treason” and someone yelled at “DEATH!”  As if written right into the script, you let out a huge cry and clinged to me.
  3. Eating meatballs & pasta.  This trip was the first time we gave you table food.  We took you to Little Italy (which by the way – wow – if I wasn’t carrying you everywhere I would have easily gained 20 pounds there).  We had an amazing meal. The chef came out and said, “The waitress said she’s never seen anyone enjoy my cooking as much as the gentleman at table 4.”  You had it all over your face, your clothes, the floor…your enjoyment literally runneth over, ha!
  4. You went to your first baseball game.  You were awake and happy the whole time – you may have blue eyes, but you are definitely your daddy’s boy.  My favorite part was watching how excited you got when the wave got started.
  5. Holding you. Everywhere.  Boston is a walking city.  Each day, I would strap you to me and we wouldtrip 223explore the city as a little family.  You rode a boat strapped to me.  You even steered the boat strapped to me.  We walked the park strapped together.  Took the subway strapped together.  You and I were in a permanent hug for 90% of the trip.  Hugging is by far my new favorite way to travel.


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  1. Linda

    How was your first baseball game in Boston? From what I have heard it is quite the experience! It sounds like you had such a blast during your family trip!

    • Babram

      It was SO much fun! What an amazing city! We definitely want to go back for more games. It was the perfect first family trip – Dylan seemed to really enjoy himself.

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